Set up a Base Camp

As part of the main story line Alan Carter gives you a quest to set up a Base Camp. To complete this quest you will need some scripts from engineers.

This quest can be completed much later in the story after you meet Ataro Baatar. You can meet him at the end of Chapter Three but he will give you what you need after completing Bury the dead (Chapter Four).

How to get needed scripts?

After completing the Bury the dead quest, you will be able to purchase the following base parts from Ataro Baatar:

  • Engineering core
  • Storage box
  • Assembly core
  • Dwelling bed
  • Incubator
  • Enhance machine
  • Power plant - coal
  • Repair machine
  • Recycle machine

He will also have scripts for the above base parts, but in 0.752 version they are not working.

How to build a base camp?

After you get the scripts, you need to choose a suitable place to set up a base camp. There are no restrictions on where the base needs to be placed; you can place it underground or even atop a platform on water.

Once you have chosen a site for your base camp you need only to place an Assembly core to establish a base camp. It is not necessary to place any of the other buildings.


How to get NPCs to join to Your colony?

In the colony (under the force field) you have to place Dwellings (does not have to be in the building may even be on the ground).

From this point, some NPCs will have a special dialog option which allows you to ask them to become members of your colony.

Remember that orders for your colonists are issued through a Colony Panel (next to inventory) and not through conversation.

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