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Main Story

Mission in chapter can be not in correct order.

Chapter One - Crash Site and Camp Carter

  1. Emergency Kit
  2. Making Juice
  3. Find a Doctor
  4. Getting to Gerdy
  5. Escort Mission
  6. Go to the Crater

Chapter Two - The Crater

  1. Time to Dig
  2. Go to Giant Tree
  3. Tell Allen David Sly is Missing
  4. Go to Giant Tree Again
  5. Danger in the Sky
  6. Clear the Nest
  7. Camp Defense
  8. Head West
  9. Set up a base camp

Chapter Three - Rock Formation

  1. Rescue Plan
  2. Flee the Nest
  3. The Forest

Chapter Four - The Forest and The Martians

  1. Martian Camp
  2. Missing Survivors
  3. Rescue Party (Nan Yang)

  4. Enter the Dark (Nan Yang)

  5. Earth Camp

  6. Layerback Nest
  7. Bury the dead
  8. Find other survivors
  9. Up Up Up
  10. Somethink strange in the water (code name)
  11. Fish teeth
  12. Fish bone

Chapter Five Desert City (code name)

  1. Going West
  2. Destroy interefence (code name)
  3. Into the Desert (code name)
  4. Check interference (code name)
  5. Help Peter
  6. Find Earth probe (code name)
  7. Repair the hardrive

Chapter Six

  1. Intersolar Diplomacy
  2. Going North (aka Survivors of the North) 

END of 0.752 version of game.

Tips and tricks

For many escort quest you can use vehicles if they have more than 3 seat. NPC can use them this will help a lot to speed thinks up.

Interactive map of playable game world (version 0.752)

Planet Explorers Interactive Map by Planet Explorers Brasil

Map of playable area in 0.752 version of PE

Side Quests

Gerdy Hooke

  1. Placing Turrets
  2. Torch Light
  3. Camp Fire
  4. Smoked Sausages

Chen Zhen

  1. Catapulting
  2. Monster Beacon

Allen Carter

  1. Local Medicine
  2. Building Walls
  3. Local Medicine II

Gino Meyer

  1. Escort 1

Lao Lei

  1. Making Steel
  2. Leather for Lao
  3. Battery

Larry Razzaq

  1. Security Contractor

Adisa Mostafa

  1. Iron Swordsman
  2. Digging Around
  3. Wheels Mission
  4. Steel Swordsman

Nan Yang

  1. Cave Rescue

Hitomi Amasawa

  1. Crystal Caves

Sara Peterson

  1. Flora Collection 1