Common Name: Marihare

Scientific Name: Lepus Marihare

Lepus Marihare walks on its hind legs, freeing its front limbs for attacking its prey. Its strong hind legs allow it to run at high speeds for short distances, to chase down its prey. It will take off from a stand still on all fours, giving it great acceleration.

Lepus Marihare

With a ravenous apeitite, Lepus will attack almost anything without thought.

Common prey

Often attacks animals that can defend themselves, such as Needlenose Giraffa or the Hoolock Gibbon, resulting in Lepus retreating with it's injuries. 


Plains, such as around the Initial Crash Site, but can also be found in Forests.

Interactive Behaviour

Lepus will attack a human on sight. With its ravenous apetite, Lepus will chase a human as soon as you come too close to it. The body language makes it clear when it has spotted its prey, crouching down on all fours and scratching dirt up as it takes off. It will often break off an attack on another animal to attack a human. The young Lepus are just as aggressive as the adults and will attack a human. The parent will protect its young.


When coming into range of Lepus, it will charge at you. Walking backwards or rolling just as it reaches you, will avoid the initial attack.


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