This page describes the various game interfaces and controls. 



The basic controls for movement are WASD, with A and D being used for strafing. Rotation can be accomplished by holding the right mouse button down and moving. R toggles running/ walking. F frees the camera around the individual, or entirely if a building material is selected. The number keys select the active item in the quick bar.. 

Right mouse button is used to interact with NPCs and objects such as plants in the world. It must be held to gather trees (with an axe tool equipped). 


The inventory can be opened by pressing I, or by clicking on the backpack symbol in the user interface, on the right side of the screen. 

Quick Bar

The Quick Bar gives easy access to up to 10 items by putting them into a quick-access bar across the bottom of the screen. The bar corresponds to the number keys 0-9. For example, if a pickaxe is put in slot 1, pressing the 1 key on the keyboard will equip the pickaxe directly instead of going through the inventory.

Equipped Items

Equipped items are items you are currently holding and can be found next to the Slot 1 on your quick bar. The currently equipped item can be changed by right click on an item in your inventory. You can view all of your equipped items by right clicking on your character's portrait. Items can be unequipped in this view by right-clicking.


Building can be done by using any of the blocks in your Resource slot in the inventory. If you left click when you have a block in your equipped slot you enter "Building Mode" where you can use different commands (??) to create or destroy tiles. You can only destroy tiles you have placed otherwise you need to mine or dig to remove tiles which occur naturally in the world.

Colony / Base Camp build

See Colony/Base Camp article.Colony/Base Camp article.


Replication is a menu which you access normally by the "G" button on your keyboard. Here you can find all your learned scripts and use them  to "Replicate" or create items from the script , given you have the resources to do it. Click the Subtitle link to learn more.

Creation panel

In the Creation Panel you can create your own designs for swords, guns, and vehicles by using the tabs and controls found there. Imagination is the only limitation for this and there's a nifty tutorial explaining how you do everything in detail in the upper right corner. Click the link found in the subtitle name for more information.

Build Creation

To build creation first use last button in right left corner of Creator Menu

Right down corner

and then item will be in your inventory.


- Version: A0.752- Occasionally a tool will get stuck as your equipped item, currently there is no known way to fix this.

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