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Cervidae Stag Concept Art

Common Name: Cervidae Stag

Scientific Name: Cervidae Stag

The Cervidae Stag is a very common herbivore.


The Cervidae Stag is a passive animal and only will only attack the player under rare circumstances, such as during the Camp Defense Quest. They travel in large herds and are often attacked by predators such as the Lepus Marihare and the scary Andhera. They are handy to have around when mining or logging, as they will be attacked by most predators that will attack the player, and the creatures not attacked will run away, signalling something is amiss.


This is one of the earliest animals that is typically hunted. They consistently yield a few Meat and occasionally Animal fat. They run away when attacked, which can make delivering the killing blow a challenge. However, their item yield is too low to warrant hunting with a gun. A bow is the ideal weapon to hunt these creatures, as cheap ammunition and range allow you to kill several before a herd can escape. Alternatively a heavy melee weapon (custom) that can kill them in a single hit is useful. Unfortunately, this causes the rest of the pack to run and isn't very efficient.