As of now there are 4 biomes in-game. More may be added to the game as development continues.


The grasslands are the area where the story mode begins. They are characterized by broad, open fields with scattered trees.


Large, heavy animals are commonly found on the grasslands. The most common would likely be either the Hoolock Gibbon or the Cervidae Stag, both fairly innocuous creatures. More dangerous are the Lepus Marihare or roving packs of Lupus Devilwolf. Harpia Warbirds are not too uncommon, and the unlucky adventurer will soon learn the dangers of it larger relative, the Harpia Red Korona. The Ursus Firebear and Coelodonta Wolfrinos fill out the heavyweight ranks of dangerous predators. Defensive animals such as packs of Needlenose Giraffa and hulking, solitary Testudo Mariturtle can also be found.


The grasslands can be subdivided into two major categories, the flat portion and hills. The flat portion of the grasslands contains plants such as the Cycas, Dandelion, Elder Flower, Euphorbia, Iris, Peach Flower, and the Tulip. The hills contain some of the same plants as the flat portion, as well as the Lotus Flower, Bell Flower, and Wattle.



The desert is usually very flat with subtle hills. The foliage is of palm trees and other desert like plantlife. Very low foliage compared to most biomes. The Desert is a great area for quick expansion of a base without having to clear much land of foliage or level the terrain.


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